Investing in real estate is a matter for professionals. We believe that an investment in real estate needs to be considered carefully and executed only after in-depth examination of all relevant components of the deal. MSN Real Estate Initiatives and Marketing is a real estate investment boutique firm, established under the principles of professionalism, reliability and impeccable service.

MSN Real Estate Investments was established as a boutique firm by experienced real estate professionals with the goal of specializing in a new type of real estate investments. The company provides a wide range of professional real estate services, working with organizations and entrepreneurs from all over Israel and employing a staff of licensed real estate consultants with many years of experience. At MSN we specialize in tailoring a solution to each of our clients' unique,
changing needs, through a detailed analysis from all aspects, with the help of top-notch lawyers, real estate appraisers, engineers etc. Our skilled, experienced real estate consultants work in full cooperation with market leaders, as well as with the best professionals in the field, including layers, architects, appraisers etc. The company is headed by Mr. Gil Molho whose rich experience in locating properties, pricing projects and real estate marketing is an invaluable asset to the company.

Investing in real estate is not a spare of the moment decision. True, quite a few companies offer various "last minute deals" but we at MSN Real Estate Investments choose to act differently, because we believe a real estate investment requires thorough examination and sound judgment. You are invited to join the many satisfied clients enjoying our professionalism, reliability and impeccable service and put us to the test yourself.

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